Podiatric Dermatology Fellowship Program

Bako Integrated Physician Solutions is proud to fund a mini-fellowship in podiatric dermatology-dermatopthology at our laboratory facility in Alpharetta, GA.

This two-week rotation includes:

  • Formal arrangements easily arranged with home hospitals when required
  • Time spent with B. Bakotic, DPM, DO, and associate dermatopathologists reviewing clinical cases with histopathologic correlation
  • Access to a broad spectrum of teaching materials (clinical images, teaching sets, reading materials)
  • In-house dermatology lectures
  • Learning about basic lab operations to include grossing slide preparation, mycology and bacteriology
  • Exposure to specialized testing techniques, such as ENFD, immunohistochemistry, mass spectometry, and state-of-the-art real time PCR.
  • Complimentary luxury town home accommodations, lunches, and paid travel expenses (up to $350)

We seek self-motivated residents with an interest in dermatology. Acceptance is based on the strength of the Residency Director’s letter of recommendation, with priority given to senior residents. Calendar slots for this much-sought-after program fill very quickly; so don’t wait!

Our fellowship rotation provides podiatric physician-residents with an educational experience that will be unmatched and serve as the cornerstone for their practice of podiatric dermatology over the course of their careers.


To apply, residents need only send a brief curriculum vitae and letter of recommendation from their Residency Director to .

Fellowship Application
   Our two-week rotations fill very quickly, so don't wait!
Check out our Fellowship Calendar for open slots.

*Please contact if you do not see your preferred rotation dates available. Wait lists are available for each slot.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to rotate through the BAKO Dermatopathology Mini-Fellowship. It was an extremely worthwhile experience. I feel much more comfortable knowing when it is appropriate to biopsy skin lesions as well as the proper technique in each scenario. I wish to extend my gratitude to all of the pathologists and laboratory staff that allowed us to learn from them. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to come down in January.
Thank you again for everything,

Anthony Romano
PGY-2 Franciscan Foot & Ankle Institute
Federal Way, WA

Upon completing this two- week fellowship, I have learned to become a more attentive physician in regards to patient care, along with appropriate protocol management for skin lesions. Many thanks to Dr. Brad Bakotic and the entire Bako Pathology team for making
this experience possible for podiatric residents as we begin our journey in the practice of podiatric medicine!

Diandra K. Gordon, DPM,
PGY-3 UF and Shands Hospital

Rarely does a clinician have this much time with a pathologist on a direct level. Learning opportunities like this are vital to the advancement of the podiatric specialty.
Stanley Chen, DPM, PGY-3
Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Center

This two week exposure to the many manifestations of dermatologic pathologies will change the way that we practice as physicians. It was truly an amazing and incredibly valuable learning experience.
Megan Wilder, DPM,
PGY-3 Nick Dang, DPM,
PGY-3 Franciscan Health System

Thank you for providing such a wonderful fellowship opportunity to increase skills and awareness of proper dermatopathologic evaluation. You have provided me with a stronger foundation from which to establish better patient care.
Jeffrey T. Robertson, DPM,
PGY-3 Swedish Medical Center

Thank you for your commitment to the profession and your willingness to educate young professionals. I would, without hesitation, recommend your fellowship program to young budding podiatric residents who are about to embark on their career.
Adrienee Winton, DPM, PGY-3
Lebanon VA Medical Center

After the completion of my two-week mini-fellowship I have a better appreciation for the sampling, diagnosis and treatment of various soft tissue masses and lesions. This experience will allow me to be more judicious when encountering various dermatological conditions in my future practice. This mini- fellowship should be a requirement for all podiatric residents during their three year curriculum.
Michael Bowen, DPM, PGY-3
St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

"I am now comfortable with diagnosing, discussing and often managing papulosquamous disorders, bullous diseases, spongiotic reactions, genodermatoses, vasculitides, soft tissue masses, skin neoplasms, small fiber neuropathy and so much more.
By studying the histology of each condition, using the incredible resources provided to
each visiting resident, and by the countless discussions with Dr. Bakotic and the various other pathologists, I vastly increased my appreciation and understanding of podiatric dermatology. It’s amazing how that two week experience will earn me dividends for the rest of my medical career."
Kyle Scholnick, DPM, PGY-3
Chief Resident, Yale University Hospital 

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