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Pathology is the study and diagnosis of diseases through the analysis of bodily tissues or fluids. The physicians that study and diagnose these diseases generally work within hospitals or reference labs, and are called pathologists. An accurate diagnosis of diseases is necessary so that your physician can use the best approach when managing your condition. Pathologists have different levels of training and a broad spectrum of expertise and specialization. All pathologists are not the same!

To best manage your health, your doctor has chosen to use Bako Pathology Services as his/her lab of choice. Our pathologists are board-certified in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, and skin pathology. We will use all of our experience and expertise to ensure that your doctor is supplied with an accurate diagnosis so that you will receive the very best in medical care.

At Bako Pathology Services we make every effort to become “in network” with insurers; however, in some instances networks are simply not open for enrollment. At Bako Pathology Services, we aim to help your physician offer the best patient care regardless of our network status.

If you have questions regarding our bill, please call our billing specialists directly at 855-245-2256. Your physician is not privy to specific information about your Bako Pathology Services bill.

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